How can I pass "HTTP 403 Forbidden"

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How can I pass "HTTP 403 Forbidden"

Benjamin Odorizzi


I'm a new developper in Alinto's team and I have some questions !

I need to return a 403 code when a user is authorized to read a shared calendar but is not authorized to write on it ( update, cancel or create an event).

Is there a way to configure the system so that unauthorized access (indicated by the authorize() method and NotAuthorizedException) be treated as "403 Forbidden" instead?

I don't want to override the respondUnauthorised() because I need it to work as it does if a user isn't authorized.

With Apple products (running iOS6, 7 or Mac OS X 10.7, 10.8, 10.9), if I return a 401 and the user hasn't the right to write the event, Apple's Operating Systems ask you to login, and loop into this login mechanism until you cancel.

I use the version of Milton, and I see that a similar question has already submitted to you (here the link : ).

Thanks for reading !




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