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Auth.Scheme negotiate

Bo Norgaard

I have included webdav in our product, and installed it on a
test windows server.

When using Microsoft Word to open a document from the server (tomcat
webserver) at:

tomcat https: it uses BASIC auth and is able to open the document in edit mode

When using the tomcat redirector for Microsoft IIS:

IIS https: is uses NEGOTIATE auth and fails (as I only implemented BASIC auth)

I tried with both anonymous and windows auth on the IIS web site, but
it seems that Word insists on using NEGOTIATE auth (or IIS tells it

So, do you know any method to make Word use BASIC auth through an IIS
web server and the tomcat redirector?


Have you tried to implement the NEGOTIATE auth schema in your
Authentication Handler?

Any help would be appreciated...

Best regards

Bo Norgaard  ( [hidden email] )
CTO, Product Manager

Neupart A/S     Phone: +45 7025 8030      Fax: +45 7025 8031
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